7 Coolest Hairstyles for Men

Its time to read about the 7 Coolest Hairstyles for Men for 2017. Cool looks are always desirable for every man and everyone wants to look stylish and elegant. In order to achieve that goal, your hairstyle plays an important role. You should know what suits your face and how you will appear in that look. Here are 7 coolest hairstyles for men that everyone can think of adopting in order to achieve that cool look.

Check these 7 Coolest Hairstyles for Men:-

Modern Hairstyle

Modern hairstyle is often considered as a perfectly sculpted option for boys, both young and old. Basic thing that it revolves around is bringing focus not just to the head but also the facial hair as well. You can use a styling product for spiking your top hair in forward direction.

Side Part Haircut

This hairstyle is very much similar to undercut and only major difference which can be spotted between these two is that hair on just one side are cut too short. It’s a haircut tailor made for people who do not like to spend too much time in making them look presentable. This casual hairstyle works best for men with medium-length hair which they can casually sweep over.

Side Part Haircut

Long-Short Combined Hairstyles

For this style you should keep your hair soft and sleek and don’t use too much of any styling product. You can achieve this if you can incorporate different lengths into the style. One side can be kept long and you can go for tapered haircut on other side. The hair keeps fading downwards till ear line gets blend into faint facial hair. Those with thick hair having slight wave can find this hairstyle best suited for them.

Short Hairstyles With An Angular Fringe

During last summer, angular fringe hairstyles became really famous with the male models and have been adopted since then. In this, long hair is kept on top and they’re styled at some angle.

Smart Style

This haircut really provides you with some fresh looks. The reason is that hair will be kept longer only on the top and sides are give blend of the shorter cuts. It is particularly good for men having triangular, square or oval face shapes.

Side-Swept Undercut

Undercut has been the most popular haircut this season with all its variations. Even though this style was spotted for the first time almost 3 years back, its comeback was with “Vikings” series. If you’re looking to give yourself this haircut, you will just have to make sure that your hair is kept to medium length on the top while the undercut is done on sides.

Tame The Mane

If your hair is taken over by those crazy curls, you should better look to get short haircut that looks more professional. Your texture can still be maintained and some sort of structure can be added to the look. Ensure that some definition is given to those curls by the use of some styling product which will not weigh the curls down. This look is tailored for post-grads who are just entering a workforce.


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