Top Trending Hairstyles for Men 2017

Your hair present the aura of your personality and keeping them well-groomed keeps you looking stylish and elegant. That is the reason why many people are so conscious about their hair. In fact, it’s the hair that can make or break the look for men.

Also, there are certain hairstyle trends that set in every year and getting one of them can keep your fashion and style most up-to-date. So, take a look at top trending hairstyles for men 2017.

Natural Waves And Short Sides

When it comes to cool hairstyles which can be easily pulled off and styled, you should go for something which not much structured. When you combine natural waves and short sides, your look doesn’t need constant trims. Furthermore, the hair will nicely grow out. Remember to ask the barber to provide you with that neat taper combined with long top.

Cool-Looking Textured Bangs

When looking to get short haircuts, men shouldn’t run after something classic. Rather, something more stylish would be the best option. For instance, you can have asymmetrical cut that comes with the sharp bangs. In this haircut, the hairs on back are left somewhat longer. Furthermore, lines need to be really accurate as well.

Curved Low Fade Haircut

Such low fade is a simple one but acts as wonderful base for full, thick waves. Even though statement look can be achieved through high fade, low fade haircut trending now. For styling to hair on top, use mousse on your hair after washing them and scrunch longest areas so that texture could be revealed.

Top Trending Hairstyles for Men 2017

Natural Waves & Parting

Natural texture combined with side parting is getting trendy at a brisk pace. Rather than going for perfectly laid out side parts, part your hair easily with the help of your hands. The style is appealing for people who love to go for something that needs low maintenance and can still provide a tailored, clean look.

Attractively Tousled Curls

When it comes to modern hairstyles for men, they look appealing with their natural texture. Though it’s enticing to use your blow dryer occasionally, most of the men want to have everyday look which needs low maintenance. You can easily style your Ivy League haircut with some texturing cream or mousse.

Low Fade Hairstyle

Low fade hairstyle, in which hair go short very low on your head, can be a wonderful option for men who don’t get fade haircuts very often but they still want to experience this latest trend. Combined with the messy texture atop your head, low fade gives a good edge to your haircut without getting too much in-your-face.

Slicked Back Style in Curls

While we are talking about defining curly hair for handsome men, slicked back style with curly hair is one attention grabbing option. For this style, you need a hair product that helps you maintain a long-lasting look. Keep your hair at a good length that helps in achieving the slick back style.


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