5 Shocking Styles For Man Bun

Versatility is a man’s key feature whether it is concerning your wardrobe choice or what you choose to do every day as your past time. But, possibly, one of the biggest changes that a man can make in his personal appearance is changing his hair ever so often. That does not mean you have to take it as a responsibility to change your hair color, style and length every week. It is a great idea for you to follow trends and change your hairstyle according to what is hot and new. Although if you have already made up your mind to sport a man bun, a fashion trend that never goes out of style, then there are some options you can contemplate.

High Man Bun or Not?

There are certain heights where you should situate your man bun. You might think that this aspect is of minor importance, but it actually is very important. If you look at other man buns you will realize that the height of the bun defines the whole hairstyle. Depending on your features and what you like, fix your bun’s height appropriately.

Man Bun HairStyles

Low Man Bun or Not?

Low man buns show a very casual side to you and look very relaxed. So if you are going for a laid down style and do not feel like elaborately dressing up, a low man bun is just the one for you. Most men like to pair their low man bun with a loose sweatshirt and sweatpants. It usually is a good idea for you to leave some strands of hair hanging around your face to complement the look. Basically, a messy low man bun is the ideal hairstyle for a lazy day in!

Facial Hair or Not?

It is actually shocking to know how correlated facial hair is with man buns. Facial hair accentuates your look a lot more than you think because a man bun hairstyle is not complete without a beard. Even if you have a very light beard by nature, it can greatly add to your style and looks.

Messy Hair Bun or Not?

At certain times, you should know whether to style your long hair in a messy bun or not. Your decision should entirely depend on where you are heading out, in whose company you will be, and what your outfit and mood is going to be. If you are heading to work then you should definitely not choose a messy man bun as it gives off a careless and casual look that might fit any other situation but not this one. However, if you are going on a vacation or deciding to take a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood, a messy man bun is just the style to pick.

Tight Man Bun or Not?

It is obvious that making a tight bun indicates a professional look. If you are doing a photo shoot or attending a meeting with your boss, always choose a tight man bun. Always know that first impressions make a lot of difference to how people perceive; so ensure that you make yourself look presentable and prim.


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