4 Best Blowout Men Hairstyles for 2017 – Men’s Fashion and Styling

Take a stroll in the wind and just feel your locks getting blown back right out of the face. That’s a newly desirable look which many men want in the hope to achieve sort of unique style. Blowout hairstyles are getting trendy and men now look to have the hair cut as well as styled to mimic the look which they might get when walking through that strong gust of the air. One salient feature of the look is that hair is pushed back, up, or out of your face, instead of just being left for sitting in place. Hair dryer is used for getting the effect in the first place and then gel is used for keeping the style intact. Men hairstylists 2017 usually wash hair before they go on to blow dry them for creating the style you want. Here are the top 4 blowout hairstyles for men.

  • Blown Up & Out
  • Blown Back
  • Blown Up
  • Side-Blown

Top 4 Best Blowout Hairstyles 2017

Now that you know which the best blowout hairstyles for men in 2017 are, let’s take a look at them one by one.

men hairstyles-2017

Blown Up & Out

For getting fully blown out haircuts, one should have his front hair blown upwards while the sides need to be blown outwards. Doing so will provide you that true look of hair blown out by the wind. Hairspray or gel could be used to help yourself keep your hair intact appropriately.

Blown Back

Blowing your hair back is the simplest option you have with blowout hairstyles. After washing your hair thoroughly and brushing them, blows dry them backwards to have the desired look. Once done, use the hairspray to lock them in place.

Blown Up

This blowout men hairstyles 2017 has been perfected by Pauly D which makes it feel as if the hair had been blown straight up by the wind. Upwards appearance of the hair gives an overall symmetrical look to the head. What’s most important here is for the bangs to stand straight up. It’s the spot which helps in setting up this entire look.


It is preferable for some to just have the sides blown out. With side-blown look, your hair on top can be styled in whatever way you want. It’s just the sides that have the blown out look. Side-blown hairstyles provide you the unique look which is not seen too often.

As there are so many blowout haircuts out there from which you can make your choice, there is definitely one that suits you the best. Wind-blown hair usually is a source of giving men the appearance of thicker hair on top with greater volume. And that’s exactly the reason why these hairstyles are getting popular. First, the hair can be cut down to desired length and then the desired direction for the blow out can be chosen. After that you can make your pick from the most popular options given above to see what suits you best.