Pakistani Barat Bridal Designs 2018

Barat day is a highlight of every girl’s life. And for that day, the bride wants everything to be done without a flaw. She chooses the best wedding hall, stage décor, calls of the best event planners and photographers and most of all- she tries to choose the best Pakistani bridal dress; which she can flaunt and look the most beautiful in. But let me warn you, choosing a Pakistani wedding dress is not so easy; with so many designers presenting their designs every year, and with so many collections to choose from; selecting the barat outfit is pretty hectic for the bride.

To make things a little easy for you- here are some latest and the most stunning latest bridal dresses for your barat day that you can select and take inspirations from. These bridal dresses combination are by the best designers and are latest so you can wear them on your big day this year.

Do you know the color ‘red’ has another name? It is called as the color of bride too. Without a doubt, any bride would love to rock any shade of red on her wedding day. If you are looking for a red Pakistani bridal dress, here is one beautiful red barat dress. With the combination of deep red and copper, this red Pakistani bridal dress looks gorgeous.

The combination of maroon and fawn is a super hit, just like this one. It is a beautiful maroon Pakistani bridal dress lehenga with fawn embroidered peplum and a fawn net dupatta with maroon embroidered borders. To complete this beautiful royal look, you can wear a maroon velvet shawl that looks amazing with this Pakistani bridal dress.

You can mix and match a light Pakistani pink bridal dresses color with a deep red color too. And that bridal dresses combination will look oh- so- amazing. Just like this one; this barat dress is a long tail maxi with light pinkish under tone and is full of heavy dull gold embroidery. Add the hint of deep red on the dupatta embroidery and carry the same red shawl for a beautiful bridal look.

Peplums are so in style and so is the color combination of dark maroon and silver. If you love this color combination, you can flaunt it on your big day. For inspiration, you can make a pretty maroon lehenga with silver decent embroidery and wear a silver embroidered peplum. Complete this bridal dress combination by matching it with a maroon embroidered dupatta.

Red with gold embroidery is a bridal dress combination you should definitely look for your barat day. It looks decent yet classy and desi; like this bright red Pakistani bridal maxi with gold hand work embellished beautifully all over. The dupatta also has those same dull gold embroidered corners with finest details.

It is totally cool if you don’t want a full red Pakistani bridal dress; you can choose to wear something amazing like this. This Pakistani wedding dress has the color combination of pink, copper, silver and a dull red color. This is one stunning Pakistani bridal dress that you can wear for your barat day this 2018.


4 Best Blowout Men Hairstyles for 2017 – Men’s Fashion and Styling

Take a stroll in the wind and just feel your locks getting blown back right out of the face. That’s a newly desirable look which many men want in the hope to achieve sort of unique style. Blowout hairstyles are getting trendy and men now look to have the hair cut as well as styled to mimic the look which they might get when walking through that strong gust of the air. One salient feature of the look is that hair is pushed back, up, or out of your face, instead of just being left for sitting in place. Hair dryer is used for getting the effect in the first place and then gel is used for keeping the style intact. Men hairstylists 2017 usually wash hair before they go on to blow dry them for creating the style you want. Here are the top 4 blowout hairstyles for men.

  • Blown Up & Out
  • Blown Back
  • Blown Up
  • Side-Blown

Top 4 Best Blowout Hairstyles 2017

Now that you know which the best blowout hairstyles for men in 2017 are, let’s take a look at them one by one.

men hairstyles-2017

Blown Up & Out

For getting fully blown out haircuts, one should have his front hair blown upwards while the sides need to be blown outwards. Doing so will provide you that true look of hair blown out by the wind. Hairspray or gel could be used to help yourself keep your hair intact appropriately.

Blown Back

Blowing your hair back is the simplest option you have with blowout hairstyles. After washing your hair thoroughly and brushing them, blows dry them backwards to have the desired look. Once done, use the hairspray to lock them in place.

Blown Up

This blowout men hairstyles 2017 has been perfected by Pauly D which makes it feel as if the hair had been blown straight up by the wind. Upwards appearance of the hair gives an overall symmetrical look to the head. What’s most important here is for the bangs to stand straight up. It’s the spot which helps in setting up this entire look.


It is preferable for some to just have the sides blown out. With side-blown look, your hair on top can be styled in whatever way you want. It’s just the sides that have the blown out look. Side-blown hairstyles provide you the unique look which is not seen too often.

As there are so many blowout haircuts out there from which you can make your choice, there is definitely one that suits you the best. Wind-blown hair usually is a source of giving men the appearance of thicker hair on top with greater volume. And that’s exactly the reason why these hairstyles are getting popular. First, the hair can be cut down to desired length and then the desired direction for the blow out can be chosen. After that you can make your pick from the most popular options given above to see what suits you best.

Common Hair Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of your personality and it plays a huge role in how you look and how people perceive you. It is important that you choose a hairstyle that is not just trendy and in vogue but is also suitable according to your face shape and personal features. It is common for people to make mistakes when styling their hair and end up with a complete mess. Read on to get some insight into most common and unflattering things that people often do with your hair and you may not be an exception either. Today I am gonna share the most common hair mistakes. Remember that you can easily avoid many such mistakes and may not have to spend much of your money or time on getting everything rectified.

Most Common Hair Mistakes

The followings are most common hair mistakes:-

Comb Over

Many people often try to get the issue of thinning hair resolved by going for a comb over. But that’s not the right solution and there are lots of other options which could be helpful in making you look better.

Washing Hair Way Too Much

Obviously, all of us like to be clean; however, excessive washing of your hair isn’t the thing you should go for. It is considered as one of biggest mistakes as far as popular stylists are concerned. Only wetting the hair instead of using some shampoo or making use of shower cap can be good alternatives for you if you’re still looking to wash everything up. If you really want to wash the hair too frequently, ensure that you invest in some mild high quality shampoo which provides moisture protection and helps you in avoiding hair damage and frizz.

Washing Hair Way Too Much

Lots of Sun Exposure

Though you may notice the sun damage for most part if you have fairly short hair and get them trimmed regularly, but it becomes quite obvious for those who have longer or mid-length hair. It is advised to wear a hat when you expose yourself to sun along with SPF 50 UV protection. Combining sun exposure with too frequent washing of hair can quickly frizz your hair and lead to hair breakage. You’re advised to use extra moisturizing treatment or conditioner if you love to enjoy outdoors too much.

Color Overload

Even though a great color would give you that heart piercing look but remember that overly processed hair or poor dye job can easily make you look awful. It can be so time-taking to grow damaged hair. It’s also important that you choose your hair colors cautiously as some of them are harder or more permanent to change compared to others.

Cutting Hair Too Short or Growing Them Too Long

Long hair isn’t for everyone. Starters may need more maintenance that they may not be ready to give. Some people don’t really realize the fact that there is immense variety of hairstyles out there that keep the hair somewhat between long and short. So, it’s best to try and find that balance rather than going for the extreme.

Taking Your Hair to a New Level – 5 Best Hairstyles that are Simple

Today’s man is busy from keeping his beard trimmed and tidy to checking his toenails, and the list of grooming details is always increasing in size and items. The hairstyle is another factor that takes full attention of men these days. No doubt, you need some 5 best hairstyles that do not take a good chunk of your precious time every morning when you get ready for the day. We have found some really fast-to-manage and easy-to-cut hairstyles for you and you can check out the details here:

The French Crop Hairstyle

Among all 5 best hairstyles the french crop is at number one. Take the hair very tight at the sides and back. The top hair is left longer, but not more than two inches. The front line should be short and fringe cut. This you will style forward across the forehead. This style suits men of any age and any face shape. Some little alterations are the work of your barber who can do them in your hair according to his experience and understanding.

For example, if you have a longer face, your barber must leave the sides a bit longer to balance the width with hair length. And the top part can be kept a bit shorter.

The Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff makes a really strong statement but does it really save your time? Yes, definitely! The quiff is all about volume and length at the front. To make your quiff more dramatic, make the sides tighter and leave the top longer. This extreme contrast suits dashing personalities. You need to consider quite well before asking your barber what quiff you like. A more balanced quiff is less attention driving. So, if you feel uncomfortable among staring eyes, go for a more balanced one.

The Modern Fauxhawk Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the middle image of French crop and pompadour. The side should stay very tight or a bit longer and top should be quite long or medium; it’s all up to you and your barber but one thing you must do is that you should have long hair on the front.

Fauxhawk Hairstyle

This style is versatile. You can style the hair pointing back or front. You can even leave it messy to go out at night with friends.

The Side Parting Hairstyle

Undoubtedly, the cleanest and easiest hairstyle for men is side parting. Make it on-point to suit your hair type, face shape, and age. The most important thing in this haircut is that as you know the direction in which your hair part, you should get them cut accordingly. It ensures that they set comfortably to flatter your personality. You need to discuss with your barber which side parting suits you more. Cut the sides shorter and tighter and leave the top hair longer to comb them slightly backwards while they stay on one side. This gives you sharper looks.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Buzz cut is another hairstyle that suits every man of any age. The hair is kept short all over the head and whether you get off your bed or come out of your dressing room, it always looks the same – tidy and neat.

5 Shocking Styles For Man Bun

Versatility is a man’s key feature whether it is concerning your wardrobe choice or what you choose to do every day as your past time. But, possibly, one of the biggest changes that a man can make in his personal appearance is changing his hair ever so often. That does not mean you have to take it as a responsibility to change your hair color, style and length every week. It is a great idea for you to follow trends and change your hairstyle according to what is hot and new. Although if you have already made up your mind to sport a man bun, a fashion trend that never goes out of style, then there are some options you can contemplate.

High Man Bun or Not?

There are certain heights where you should situate your man bun. You might think that this aspect is of minor importance, but it actually is very important. If you look at other man buns you will realize that the height of the bun defines the whole hairstyle. Depending on your features and what you like, fix your bun’s height appropriately.

Man Bun HairStyles

Low Man Bun or Not?

Low man buns show a very casual side to you and look very relaxed. So if you are going for a laid down style and do not feel like elaborately dressing up, a low man bun is just the one for you. Most men like to pair their low man bun with a loose sweatshirt and sweatpants. It usually is a good idea for you to leave some strands of hair hanging around your face to complement the look. Basically, a messy low man bun is the ideal hairstyle for a lazy day in!

Facial Hair or Not?

It is actually shocking to know how correlated facial hair is with man buns. Facial hair accentuates your look a lot more than you think because a man bun hairstyle is not complete without a beard. Even if you have a very light beard by nature, it can greatly add to your style and looks.

Messy Hair Bun or Not?

At certain times, you should know whether to style your long hair in a messy bun or not. Your decision should entirely depend on where you are heading out, in whose company you will be, and what your outfit and mood is going to be. If you are heading to work then you should definitely not choose a messy man bun as it gives off a careless and casual look that might fit any other situation but not this one. However, if you are going on a vacation or deciding to take a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood, a messy man bun is just the style to pick.

Tight Man Bun or Not?

It is obvious that making a tight bun indicates a professional look. If you are doing a photo shoot or attending a meeting with your boss, always choose a tight man bun. Always know that first impressions make a lot of difference to how people perceive; so ensure that you make yourself look presentable and prim.

Not Sure Which Hairstyle to Choose? Check Spikes!

One of the most famous and very flattering styles for guys is spikes. This style is never out of trend and it has the strange ability to suit most of the facial features and hair types. Another best feature that attracts guys to this style is that it does not take much time to maintain it. With little changes in the style of the spikes and hair length, you can manage to have a completely different look. So go for spikes this time and check the following ideas for inspiration.

Classic Spikes

Let us check first the classic spikes. Classic spikes, with a touch of ruffle, look great. In this style hair is typically vertical with shorter sides, but not faded or fully shaved. In classic spikes, you have to maintain all the hair on the top of your head with some product but there is no need of arranging them in a line starting from the crown to the back. They have been appreciated since the past century and this style is still popular in teens and young men.

Spikes With Volume

Hair with volume makes it pretty easy to maintain spikes with some matte product. With voluminous hair, keep the sides short but make sure that they aren’t very short. Work the spikes on top with your fingers and also with some product. They add personality to your hair.

Spikes With Undercut

If you want to emphasize your spikes, go for undercut. The undercut defines the spikes boldly. Manage a clean line at the border of your hair at the neck and sides. But in this style, do not grow your hair on the top of your head so long. Keep the length medium to balance the undercut.


Coarse Hair Spikes

Coarse hair aids spikes naturally. The ends of the hair stick upwards without any extra product or styling trick. Go for a haircut that is in round shape with temple fade. Hair should be kept short at the sides of the neck and behind the head. The hair on top of the head is then easy to be maintained.

Long Spikes

Long spikes can create dramatic effects, especially, if you keep them long at the front. You need some products to help your hair spike up.

Messy Spikes

Ruffle your hair and maintain that tousled texture. Now, manage spikes not exactly vertical but prominent and bold. They just look great and bestow upon you a friendly aura.

Sharp Spikes With Low Fade

This is a classy haircut style in spikes. Maintain a high-low fade around the neck, at the temple and sides. Leave the hair on top evenly cut in medium length. Work with spikes and keep the direction of spikes slightly tilted towards back at the front of your head. This style is one of the most striking options in trendsetting spikes. So, you can go for it with full confidence and it will never let you down.

Top Trending Hairstyles for Men 2017

Your hair present the aura of your personality and keeping them well-groomed keeps you looking stylish and elegant. That is the reason why many people are so conscious about their hair. In fact, it’s the hair that can make or break the look for men.

Also, there are certain hairstyle trends that set in every year and getting one of them can keep your fashion and style most up-to-date. So, take a look at top trending hairstyles for men 2017.

Natural Waves And Short Sides

When it comes to cool hairstyles which can be easily pulled off and styled, you should go for something which not much structured. When you combine natural waves and short sides, your look doesn’t need constant trims. Furthermore, the hair will nicely grow out. Remember to ask the barber to provide you with that neat taper combined with long top.

Cool-Looking Textured Bangs

When looking to get short haircuts, men shouldn’t run after something classic. Rather, something more stylish would be the best option. For instance, you can have asymmetrical cut that comes with the sharp bangs. In this haircut, the hairs on back are left somewhat longer. Furthermore, lines need to be really accurate as well.

Curved Low Fade Haircut

Such low fade is a simple one but acts as wonderful base for full, thick waves. Even though statement look can be achieved through high fade, low fade haircut trending now. For styling to hair on top, use mousse on your hair after washing them and scrunch longest areas so that texture could be revealed.

Top Trending Hairstyles for Men 2017

Natural Waves & Parting

Natural texture combined with side parting is getting trendy at a brisk pace. Rather than going for perfectly laid out side parts, part your hair easily with the help of your hands. The style is appealing for people who love to go for something that needs low maintenance and can still provide a tailored, clean look.

Attractively Tousled Curls

When it comes to modern hairstyles for men, they look appealing with their natural texture. Though it’s enticing to use your blow dryer occasionally, most of the men want to have everyday look which needs low maintenance. You can easily style your Ivy League haircut with some texturing cream or mousse.

Low Fade Hairstyle

Low fade hairstyle, in which hair go short very low on your head, can be a wonderful option for men who don’t get fade haircuts very often but they still want to experience this latest trend. Combined with the messy texture atop your head, low fade gives a good edge to your haircut without getting too much in-your-face.

Slicked Back Style in Curls

While we are talking about defining curly hair for handsome men, slicked back style with curly hair is one attention grabbing option. For this style, you need a hair product that helps you maintain a long-lasting look. Keep your hair at a good length that helps in achieving the slick back style.